Even the Cleveland Browns had a challenging time on Monday Night Football, as everyone saw them get destroyed by the San Francisco 49ers. The loss in primetime made people forget about what the Browns did the week earlier against the Ravens. Cleveland moved to Baltimore and placed on a show with a 40-25 win.
This was a week after losing a fight against the Los Angeles Rams. Nick Chubb has been the catalyst for the Browns against the Ravens. Feed Chubb and good things will happen for the Browns.
Chubb ran about the Ravens for 165 yards and 3 touchdowns to direct the Browns. Baker Mayfield didnt have a bad game , since he passed for 342 yards. Everybody remembers what you are doing in this league recently for me .
And following Baker had a rough time against the 49ers, he was instantly the subject of complaint. It, but it might have been a small overreaction. The offensive line gave him no help, as the 49ers defensive line fired off at Mayfield. He finished the night with just 100 yards passing and two interceptions.
The line need to check at themselves and give their QB more time at your pocket. He would likely be rolling out the pocket and still finding recipients, if this were college. This really is actually the NFL and items are a whole lot faster. Nick Bosa had a field day against Baker. He had some fun with it too, mimicking the flag plant. Bosa didnt forget about that.
Mayfield along with the Browns should forget about last week. They had the ability to do this so well determine if a similar scenario plays out Sunday against the Seahawks. The Hawks enter having a great record of 4-1 following an impressive victory over the Rams by a score of 30-29. Head under for our free Seahawks vs. Browns pick.
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Russell Wilson put to a brilliant display against the Rams, since he revealed the Seahawks chose to devote money to maintain him. Wilson was powerful with all 268 yards and 4 touchdowns. In addition, he rushed 8 times for 32 yards to get over 300 yards. Wilson got enormous assistance from Chris Carson with 118 yards on 27 carries.
It was a well implemented game plan by the Seahawks, since they mixed at the series and move to keep the Rams guessing all day . Will Dissly needed a breakout day with 81 yards to lead the Seahawks. The tight end was an x-factor for Wilson and the Seahawks this season.
Wilson was perfect across the air with no interceptions and 12 touchdowns. He has also rushed for 120 yards and two scores on the ground. These are MVP amounts for Wilson, who is the major candidate to win the award. Patrick Mahomes has appeared human thus comparing the two right now isnt realistic, and hes been limping about with a shoulder.
Having said that, when the Seahawks are likely to find success in winter Wilson has to play like this. Their defense isnt as dominant as it was previously. They also won a Super Bowl due to the defense, however it is going to need to happen due to Wilson. Seattle are 14th in the NFL with an average of 350.6 yards allowed per game. There should be space at the secondary for Baker Mayfield to find his or her intentions. Seattle have been pedestrian against the pass, together with 270.6 passing yards reserved for 26th in the league.
Mayfield thrives on doubters and criticism. The same thing occurred after the offense was lifeless against the Rams. He arrived back although maybe perhaps not many people saw it since it was not on primetime, and the team had a successful afternoon against the Ravens. The Browns were saw by A lot more people from the Rams and 49ers this past Monday, which is still fresh on peoples minds.
Im anticipating a bounce-back match because of him. This coming from someone who said to be careful with Mayfield when everyone was in love with him before the year started. Despite playing a brief week, as well as the Seahawks getting additional time to prepareyourself, this looks like a spot where everybody abandons the Browns and they find a way to win. A below average pass rush to the Seahawks is going to assist the Browns in this one.
Theyve recorded only 10 sacks. Therefore, after running about for his life from the 49ers, Baker is probably going to find out more hours to find his targets. I am going contrarian as a house underdog in the home using the Browns this past week, though, the general public will fall in love.

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