Top 10 Must-do’s for Rising Seniors

Pay attention, rising seniors! Summer will fly by, therefore the very first day’s school are going to be here before you know it! I have listed my top 10 recommendations for you to definitely do during these next months that are few. Here we go!

1. Write a draft of your individual declaration. I am aware, I am aware. This is overwhelming. But as soon as you have that very first draft completed, it will (mostly) be smooth cruising from there. You’ll offer your self with lots of time to edit.

2. Brainstorm letter of recommendation writers. Whom likes you? Who knows you well? Who thinks which you are a definite solid pupil? Make a list.

3. Ask recommendation writers. You are able to try this toward the end of summer. Provide them with a great amount of the time to write these letters of suggestion. Verify they are mindful of your deadlines and discuss that which you would like them to deal with. You might also start thinking about going for a duplicate of one’s application.

4. Make a directory of universities you have in mind and why. For most schools you’ll need to perform a school-specific writing component. For CommonApp schools it shall be situated into the supplement. Distinguishing exactly why that school interests you are going to help with writing these supplemental essays in the autumn.

5. Have a look at application checklists associated with the schools on your list. Do any of those have actually supplemental materials? Do you have to create a portfolio? Is a meeting required? Be sure you’re aware of exactly what a finished application is.

6. Sign up for interaction from schools on your own list. It is additionally vital to ensure that you understand when are going to visiting your school or keeping a reception in your area. They’ll also deliver updates about the application and admission procedure, and most of all, they’ll remind you when applications are due!

7. Read the newsprint watching the news. It’s important to know what’s going on in the world around you. You might be asked questions regarding present events in admission interviews. It will assist with conversations in your classes and in conversations with admission counselors. Download the app of your news that is favorite publication read the news daily.

8. Read a written book(or 10!) for pleasure. Do you have a book on your own sleep stand that is collecting dirt as you have not had time to read it? Discover the time this summer. I will be presently reading Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? ( And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling. Hilarious. Read that written guide you’ve wanted to read for a time. It will keep your head working this summer time, you might learn new passions, and you could even learn an SAT vocabulary term or two!

9. Workout. Be physically active daily! Endorphins are chemicals within you that operate as your rewards system and they make you feel oh-so good. They are released when you work out, so get going! My favorite is a quick run around my neighbor hood, but find what exercise you love!

10. Discover or any other type of stress relief. Senior 12 months are stressful. Develop skills this summer time that may help you to manage the strain you might have this fall. Yoga and meditation are healthy methods to cope with it, therefore learn a couple of poses and just how to take calming, cleansing breaths. It is imperative you remain healthy and happy, so learn these practices!

Most of all make certain your summer is enjoyable! Ensure you take time for you personally. There will be a lot asked of you as you conclude your senior high school career and get ready for university. These pointers should help relieve a number of that hefty workload. Good luck!

It is me, Sanjeev!

Hi! I’m Sanjeev and i will be so excited to be the latest member of our Blog Team. I love working with every one of my pupils from the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Southern brand nj-new jersey.

we happened to be raised and born into the San Francisco Bay Area and We graduated from UC Merced in 2009. We was a user for the founding course of the university and the experience changed my entire life! I was a trip guide all 4-years and I loved walking backwards and telling the most readily useful jokes that everyone always laughed at! After graduating with the inaugural course in 2009 we jetted down to the University of Vermont where I earned a Master of Education in 2010 and discovered what a genuine wintertime is. Really, you guys, it gets method below 65 levels regarding the eastern coast!

I am the very first in my own family to attend college and have always been so proud to generally share every student to my story I are exposed to. I’d the college experience that is best and I love using pupils to help create that. As well as telling you all of the great things that USC has to offer, I happily provide stories and advice from my experiences. That way onetime on my very day that is first of whenever we was shocked there had been no bells to inform us when to visit class. That was a bit awkward.

Once we’m maybe not traveling or reading applications, I enjoy maintaining busy with many different activities. I like everything from spending some time in the Bay Area with my family, hanging out with my buddies and wanting to decide the sushi spot that is best in Los Angeles (it is Sugarfish for the present time), and scouring thrift stores for cools finds. The game that does simply take up most of my time is dancing. I dance every time and now have my whole life. You will find me on a party floor or within my desk dancing with headphones on at any given moment.

My favorite thing about USC is the confidence it instills in people. Being fully part regarding the Trojan Family perhaps not just enables you use of a vast selection of possibilities, but it offers you a feeling of self- confidence that will carry you through all the stuff that life throws your path.

I’m looking ahead to sharing the USC experience through this blog!

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